The Incredible Siberian Lynx

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Last week my family and I met our friends Terri Werner (Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge) and Mike Gilley at Jim Broaddus’ Bear Creek Feline Center in Panama City, Fla.

It was a wonderful trip as we learned much about several unique species of cats and it inspired me to do a three-part blog this week beginning with this one on the Siberian lynx, of which several reside at the center.


I had only seen juveniles of this species in person and was impressed with the size. They were much taller than the largest bobcats I have seen and were beautifully marked with a regal, powerful look.

Here are some facts about this incredible species:

#Siberian lynx regularly kill prey 3-4 times their size.

#They can jump as high as 10 feet in the air and have been documented catching birds in flight.

#The species is an excellent swimmer.

#The Lord built them with wide-webbed paws that keep them from sinking in deep snow and hair on the bottom of those paws for traction and warmth.

#They engage in numerous vocalizations ranging from growls to “spits” but they are not a BIG cat. Science only considers those that can roar (lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards) as big cats.

If you would like to see the Siberian lynx and other beautiful cat at Bear Creek Feline Center click here for more information or call 850-722-9927.

Check back in Wednesday for an article on the mysterious jaguarundi.

Chester Moore, Jr.





Heron spears crappie (photo)

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Watching shorebirds feed is always a treat and occasionally you get to see something amazing like this.

Here’s a great blue heron I photographed spearing a crappie on Sam Rayburn reservoir. The skill God gives our wildlife to be able to hunt with such precision and for all things in the broken world we live in to work together never ceases to amaze me.

Chester Moore, Jr.


MONSTER jaguar (photo)

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Jaguar circa 1994. Photo by yours truly. This beautiful cat’s name was Czar and his claim to fame is that he was in a Motley Crue video (“Without You”: 1989). I snapped this photo upon walking in his enclosure and walked right back out.

It was housed at a refuge I worked with from 1994-1996 where I gained an amazing amount of respect for jaguars. Next week, I will begin a five part blog on the great cat and will start with my favorite-the jaguar.

Until then enjoy this pic of “Czar” who by the way weighed over 300 pounds.

Chester Moore, Jr.


Silverback Gorilla-cool pic

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Digging through the archives..

Here’s a cool pic of a big silverback lowland gorilla catching a yam my wife Lisa threw to him. This is from the Audubon Zoo in 2007 when I was out there doing an article and taking a tour with the zookeepers. The yam was given to us by the keeper and it was amazing to watch it catch it with such ease

Chester Moore, Jr.


Inspirational reptile book!

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It is important to get inspirational books and other wildlife-related items into the hands of kids so they truly appreciate God’s amazing Creation.

I honor my parents for always supporting my love for wildlife when I was a kid. They went out of their way even when we had very little money to make sure I got cool books on wildlife and took me out into the woods and to the zoo. I just picked up a copy of the first reptile book I ever had on Ebay and it made me think, “I sure appreciate Mom and Dad’s love and support of my wild interests.”

BTW super excited about this acquisition!



The mind-blowing speed of a cheetah (video)

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Want an up-close look at the mind-blowing speed of a cheetah?

A relative of a friend captured at the Mukini Big 5 Safari near Victoria Falls, Zambi.

Watch and enjoy!

Chester Moore, Jr

Cheetah at Mukuni Big 5 Safaris, Victoria Falls, Zambia from Texas Fish & Game Magazine on Vimeo.

“Jaws” in the Gulf of Mexico

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A decade ago I wrote about great white sharks in the Gulf of Mexico in Tide magazine in a story called “Jaws in the Gulf”. It featured old accounts and some interesting recent (at that time) anecdotes.

Actually the first time I wrote at all about great whites in the Gulf was in 1999 in the Port Arthur News, when I shared a story told by my friend Bill Skinner who had an interesting encounter.

Now, we have undeniable proof.


Fitted with a satellite transmitter by research group OCEARCH off Cape Cod, Mass, “Katherine” has been in the Gulf near Panama City, Fla this month. Yes, “Katherine” is a great white shark and she just happens to be 14 feet long and weigh 2,300 pounds.

You can imagine my excitement after learning of this huge shark swimming in Gulf waters near and heading westward-perhaps to my home state of Texas!?
After all, I was the kid who saw “Jaws” and wanted to get in the water and once said while fishing at the old 61st St. Pier in Galveston at age 12, “It’s a shame we don’t have a lot of great whites off our coast.”
“Katherine” isn’t the only tagged white in the Gulf. She is joined by “Betsy” who was hanging further east, much closer to the Atlantic.
You can follow their movements by visiting As a shark lover, this is an exciting time!
Chester Moore, Jr.