Piranha for bait?

“What is the favorite fish you have ever caught?”

This is a question I frequently get from readers and attendees to my lectures.

It is this payara I caught while fishing on Lake Guri in Venezuela in 1999. Not only is this crazy-looking fish super cool but so was the technique involved. We used live piranha on a free-line.

How cool is that?

We used live piranhas for bait!

Chester Moore, Jr.


2 thoughts on “Piranha for bait?

  1. Richard Harmier

    Wow those are some scary teeth. God designed that one to really bite and grip its prey. We are blessed speckled trout only have a couple of teeth. We would go through a lot more bags of soft plastics if they had teeth like that . Live piranha for bait Do not forget your dip net you might draw back a nub grabbing tour bait! Thanks for the awesome photo and story..

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