Senseless Beaver Slaughter

Awhile back, I had the great pleasure of photographing a beaver near its den off of a main road in Orange County, TX. The community was excited to have such a marvel of God’s creative genius in an area where everyone could view it.

A couple of days later, I returned to find that someone had shot the animal and left it floating in the ditch.

Poaching is a curse upon wildlife and needs to be stopped. Senseless, wasteful killing of animals has no place in our society and must be stopped. If you know of anyone poaching turn them in to Operation Game Thief at 1-800-792-GAME.

Until then enjoy these beaver pics, which I just rediscovered on my computer.

Chester Moore, Jr.



2 Comments on “Senseless Beaver Slaughter

  1. Gary and I once saw the most beautiful spider in Palo Duro Canyon out by our tent. He was as big as my fist. We ALSO made the mistake of sharing news of that spider with others around our camp site. Fifteen minutes later that spider was killed by someone camping there. He/it/she was NOT bothering anyone; just going about his/her/it’s spider business. Now, I’m not fond of spiders but that senseless act was too much for us. When we see something beautiful in a park or camping out, we keep it to ourselves and consider it a gift from the Lord to us.

    • Thanks for sharing. That’s the way to do it. Just enjoy with those who have a common respect for nature. I grew up hunting and fishing but only take what I can eat and use.

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