Real Hogzilla? MONSTER feral hog! (photo)

A few years ago, reader Richard Trahan submitted the photo you see here to share with readers.

Trahan got a huge surprise while checking the game camera on his feeder on a Tyler County lease. He knew a bunch of hogs were hitting it but he had no idea just how big some of them were.

The monster hog on the left is standing flat-footed and nearly touching the timer/motor of the feeder.


“The bottom of the motor on this feeder is five feet, six inches from the ground,” Trahan said.

That is a one huge hog and it is on open range, with no game-proof fencing, which makes it that much more

How big do you think this hog is?

Chester Moore, Jr.


One Comment on “Real Hogzilla? MONSTER feral hog! (photo)

  1. Accepting the claim that the timer is five plus feet off the ground I would guess close to 400 pounds. I have never seen one this big. What is more amazing is that the timer is still attached to the feeder since the hog can reach it. A gentle giant. Awesome specimen!!

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