Black bear attacks on the rise? (pt. 2)

The last post touched on a rise of black bear attacks throughout North America.

The article featured some questionable statistics on black bear population growth which I have not been able to validate. It is however important to realize black bear numbers have risen in several states at the same time human populations have risen. That equals more human/bear interaction which gives more opportunities for attacks.

I believe this is the largest reason for more attacks.

In every animal population there are individuals that are more aggressive and bears are certainly no different.

Photo courtesy Wiki Commons

The interesting thing about black bear attacks is they are almost always predatory attacks. Grizzlies often attack to drive you out of their territory or to eliminate a perceived threat. Black bears however rarely do this. Most black bear attacks are predatory.

I have worked some with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to help them get the word out about the black bear return in East Texas and in the information they send it is, it is advised to fight back if attacked by a black bear.

Most experts recommend playing dead for grizzly attacks but with a black fight back.

These are truly magnificent creatures that deserve our utmost respect.

Chester Moore, Jr.

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