Dwarf Whitetails Update

Last summer Kingdom Zoo started soliciting information about tiny or “dwarf” whitetail deer.

My father and uncle both reported seeing fully developed whitetail bucks that were about 1/3 the size of the average Texas Hill Country buck, putting the animals at about 30 pounds.

I was excited to see how many were interested in the subject and had reports. Here are a few we have received. More to come soon..

Chester Moore, Jr.

From Josh in Alabama…

Just wanted to let you know I believe we have miniature deer in our area of north Alabama. I’ve only seen them twice in my life. The first time was while hunting on Redstone Arsenal with my father 33 years ago. It was a fully formed doe (in November) that was the same size as our miniature poodle (about 16 inches to the top of the shoulders). The second time was yesterday. I saw a very small fully formed doe, about the same size and coloration of the one I had seen 33 years ago. Our regular whitetail in this area are pretty big, and I see them crossing our property all the time. The doe I saw yesterday was no more than 18 inches (estimate) and less than half the size I would expect this years fawns to be by now. I can’t find any info on the internet about miniature deer in our area, Gurley, Alabama.

From Ron in Michigan…

I saw a post of yours online asking for photos of dwarfism in whitetail deer (Jan ’14) .  I took this pic of a deer I believe is a dwarf at our local buck pole on Nov. 15th 2014. dwarfdeer (2)It was half the size of other bucks in his age class, with a small body , short legs, but a normal size head and neck. I believe he is 3 or 4 years old. – Ron Randle  Hudson, Michigan

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