Don’t shoot that bear!

In 2007 I developed a black bear conservation through Texas Fish & Game magazine where we created educational posters sent out as a .pdf and printed and put throughout East Texas where the species is returning

Black_Bear_Poster-page-001 (2)

The idea was to let hunters in Texas know black bears are A. illegal to kill and B. look similar to feral hogs at a long distance, especially when they are not familiar with bears which are returning to the region. We even collaborated with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and helped distributed hundreds of their black bear brochures in key feed stores, convenience stores and gun shops in the East Texas region.

We are happy again to offer these posters this time exclusively as a download. Feel free to print to put in your place of business, pass out to hunting clubs and help make awareness that a great animal is back in East Texas and deserves protection.

Email if you would like a copy of the poster sent to your inbox.

Chester Moore, Jr.

One Comment on “Don’t shoot that bear!

  1. I totally agree with protecting the black bears.I hope you guys post these posters in the parks to let people know not to harm our black bears.and I believethat it is stupid to let the people shoot the black bears when they don’t even know how important they are.factors protect all the animals for example White tailed hawks, squirrel Fox,alligators, armadillos,bald eagles, burrowing owls and many many more.if you think about it that Black bears actually protects lots of animals.I decided to say that thank you guys for trying to stop people from shooting our black we better protect them before they are gone.

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