The beauty of owls

Owls have always been my favorite bird of prey.

There is something majestic and uniquely beautiful about them and I love their vocalizations that echo through the night.

A barred owl frequently calls out in my neighborhood and has occasionally been spotted atop the telephone pole down on my property.

Last weekend while talking about owls with Jody Blaylock on a group trip to Honobia, Oklahoma, she shared a story of a young great-horned owl that ended up at her feet begging for food.

“The raptor experts who came out to try to catch him said he had obviously been hand-raised, but the good news is he was feeding himself well and eventually came around less and less and the raptor people said there was a good chance he would be able to successfully return to the wild,” she said.

Gotta love this photo and the wild eyes of the awe-inspiring great-horned owl. And in this case a very hungry, demanding one.

Chester Moore, Jr.

baby great horned owl

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