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This blog will immediately be changing to “The Wildlife Journalist”.

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This blog will feature all Kingdom Zoo writings plus a whole lot more on wildlife. We’re just rebranding the writing part of what I do.

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Chester Moore

Jurasek goes on epic expedition

Kingdom Zoo’s Todd Jurasek has a flair for adventure.

Earlier this year he went on an expedition seeking out mysterious (cryptid) reptiles and other creatures in the vast, virtually unexplored jungles of New Guinea.

Over the next two weeks we will be featuring these blogs here that detail some truly fascinating wildlife information.

Get ready to enter the strange and unique world of New Guinea.






Wildlife Photo Month (Pic 1)

This month we will be celebrating our favorite Kingdom Zoo photos and the way photography can be used to raise awareness to wildlife conservation.

This is the photo that started it all-a pair of red wolves that Chester Moore photographed at the Texas Zoo in Victoria when he was a junior in high school. Some 18 months later it was published along with his first-ever article on red wolves and coy wolves in The Opportunity Valley News.


red wolf

Monster Hog and a Mini

The feedback we’ve been getting on our MONSTER HOGS quest has been truly shocking! We knew hogs were popular but now we know MONSTER HOGS are even more popular. We thought it would be fun to share a photo of Chester with this young wild boar. It looks like Chester has it under control but in reality he is about to lose it. This little guy almost got away from him and another one on the video shoot did get away. Yikes!1hog