Animal Adoptions

Taking care of the animals we use for outreach is a big expense. We need you to “adopt” our animals by providing funds for their care on an annual basis. We use this money to buy food, bedding and to take care of any veterinary expenses. You can be the key to helping us maintain and expand our Kingdom Zoo. Each adoption comes with a certificate suitable for framing of that animal showing your support.

Click here to make adoption donation. Add amount and note which animal you wish to sponsor.

March’s Highlighted Animals

Other Animals Up for Adoption

Enoch (Redtail Boa)-$125

Kong (Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula) $50

Boris (Chilean Rosehair Tarantula) $50

Spike (Alligator Snapping Turtle) $100

Coral (Sinaloan Milk Snake) $75

Blossom (Short-Tailed Opossum) $100

Rogue (Ferret) $150

Havoc (Ferret) $150

Speedy (Central American Ornate Forest Turtle) $100


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