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Don’t shoot that bear!

In 2007 I developed a black bear conservation through Texas Fish & Game magazine where we created educational posters sent out as a .pdf and printed and put throughout East Texas where the species is returning The idea was to let hunters in Texas… Continue Reading “Don’t shoot that bear!”

East Texas Bear

Kingdom Zoo reader Jimmy Sligar got the game camera photo of a lifetime a few weeks ago. He got this shot of a black bear looking right at the game camera he had set near his feeder. It is not the clearest shot but it is definitely… Continue Reading “East Texas Bear”

Black bear attacks on the rise? (pt. 2)

The last post touched on a rise of black bear attacks throughout North America. The article featured some questionable statistics on black bear population growth which I have not been able to validate. It is however important to realize black bear numbers have risen… Continue Reading “Black bear attacks on the rise? (pt. 2)”

There are no tame bears (video)

In 2012, I had the amazing opportunity to film at Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch with director Scott Edwards and two beautiful black bears. Check out this clip talking about how there are no “tame” bears. No Tame Bears! from Kingdom Zoo on Vimeo.