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Long-tailed Bobcat (video)

This video given to us by one of our Kingdom Zoo supporters shows a long-tailed bobcat in Orange County, TX. Most people don’t realize bobcats actually have a tail and some fairly long. How many bobcats with tails like this have been mistaken for… Continue Reading “Long-tailed Bobcat (video)”

The beauty of cougars

The great cats are arguably the planet’s most beautiful creatures. With vivid colors, patterns and striking, muscular frames, they are the epitome of divine design. I think tigers are the planet’s most beautiful creatures but think cougars (mountain lion, puma) are a highly underrated… Continue Reading “The beauty of cougars”

Cougar kills javelina! (photo)

Ron Wehmeyer, sent in this amazing shot  of a huge cougar standing over its recently killed javelina on his ranch out in the Trans Pecos region of Texas. Having worked around cougars quite a bit I can tell you this is one big specimen.… Continue Reading “Cougar kills javelina! (photo)”