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It’s the little things…

Kingdom Zoo field researcher Todd Jurasek has a knack for finding things in the field that no one else tends to see. He recently sent us these photos of a baby ornate box turtle he found in the wilds Oklahoma. It’s easy to get… Continue Reading “It’s the little things…”

Don’t shoot that bear!

In 2007 I developed a black bear conservation through Texas Fish & Game magazine where we created educational posters sent out as a .pdf and printed and put throughout East Texas where the species is returning The idea was to let hunters in Texas… Continue Reading “Don’t shoot that bear!”

Tigers need radical help. Now!

The clocking is ticking toward extinction for tigers. All subspecies of Panthera tigris are critically low and with the threats like habitat loss and poaching for the traditional medicines on the upswing, radical action must be taken. And it must be taken now. All… Continue Reading “Tigers need radical help. Now!”

Merry Christmas!

Today as we celebrate the birth of the Messiah-Jesus of Nazareth-takes some time to thank Him for the wild things. The beauty in nature is a constant reminder of His glory and love. Whether it’s a wood duck or a Bengal tiger, the beauty… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!”

Help us held kids and wildlife

The Kingdom Zoo: Education Center, our ministry’s classroom, is open in West Orange, TX. Available by appointment (and announced days) only, it will be a unique vessel for teaching kids (and kids at heart) about Christ through His Creation. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to… Continue Reading “Help us held kids and wildlife”

Jaguar Truths (Pt. 2)

Did you know jaguars are native to the United States? They were once known to range as far north as the Red River region in Texas and extend their territory into Louisiana. After examining the evidence and studying the species for the last couple… Continue Reading “Jaguar Truths (Pt. 2)”

Jaguar Truths (Pt. 1)

A few years back a friend asked me what would be the first thing I would buy if I inherited a vast fortune or otherwise came into being filthy rich. “A jaguar,” I replied. The friend looked a bit confused and replied, “A jaguar?… Continue Reading “Jaguar Truths (Pt. 1)”

War and Wildlife

The human tragedy of war is horrific. It must be the first concern in any conflict. The cost to wildlife however can often be tremendous as is noted by a recent story in Yahoo News regarding wholesale wildlife slaughter in warring Sudan. Nairobi (AFP)… Continue Reading “War and Wildlife”

Gentle Giants-On the Move?

Manatees are on the move-at least along the Intracoastal Waterway corridor in Louisiana. A recent verified sighting near Lake Calcasieu near the Texas-Louisiana border shows that this winter all of these amazing creature are not near the warm springs in Florida. Some of them… Continue Reading “Gentle Giants-On the Move?”