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Help us held kids and wildlife

The Kingdom Zoo: Education Center, our ministry’s classroom, is open in West Orange, TX. Available by appointment (and announced days) only, it will be a unique vessel for teaching kids (and kids at heart) about Christ through His Creation. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to… Continue Reading “Help us held kids and wildlife”

Wild Wishes

In 1982, I got to accompany my grandmother Ruby Pickard on a very important mission. She granted a little boy with leukemia his “wish” which was to have an American flag hanging outside his home. She of course made that happen and much more and founded… Continue Reading “Wild Wishes”

Welcome to the “Creature Feature”

Introducing our weekly web series aimed at kids love all things strange and creepy in nature-the “Creature Feature”. As always we have kids involved with production and in this show my assistant is fifth grader Lauren, a girl with a heart for God and… Continue Reading “Welcome to the “Creature Feature””

We have a winner!

Jaxon Slone won week 1 of our Wildview TK24 Digital Scouting Camera photo contest for kids with a cool shot of a Sulcotta tortoise. Congrats to him on a job well done. Round two begins Oct. 6 so check our Facebook beginning Monday for details.… Continue Reading “We have a winner!”

MONSTER cottonmouth (photo)

Have you ever seen a cottonmouth this big? I doubt it as this specimen measures more than five feet in length and is as big around as a soda can at is widest point. This is a Florida cottonmouth, the largest subspecies and is enough to… Continue Reading “MONSTER cottonmouth (photo)”

“Beautiful Flowers”

It’s amazing what a photo of a Texas Indian blanket flower and scripture can do. One of the greatest honors in this ministry is getting to send our “Beautiful Flowers” teaching about inner beauty to the girls of Stella’s Voice in Moldova. These girls have been… Continue Reading ““Beautiful Flowers””