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Strange, small backyard creatures

Most of mammals we see where I live Southeast Texas would be considered of the common garden variety. Whitetail deer, raccoons, opossums and squirrels are the most frequently seen creatures that thrive in our woodlands, prairies, marshes and urban areas. In fact, these animals are common… Continue Reading “Strange, small backyard creatures”

The Mysterious Jaguarundi

The world knows about lions, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs. And among wildlife enthusiasts, cougars, leopards, lynx bobcats, servals and a caracals are well known. But have you heard of the jaguarundi? It is a small, unique-looking cat that lives in a wide range of areas from the… Continue Reading “The Mysterious Jaguarundi”

GIANT catfish-The size of Volkswagens?

One of the most common mystery animals stories in the United States involves giant catfish. As the story typically goes, divers descend below a dam to inspect the walls and see a catfish “large as a Volkswagen and big enough to swallow a man”.… Continue Reading “GIANT catfish-The size of Volkswagens?”

Beautiful Jaguarundi (Photo)

We got a great response to our jaguarundi special on Extreme Wildlife Radio. In case you missed it, Terri Werner and I interviewed Jim Broaddus with Bear Creek Feline Center about these mysterious and uniquely beautiful cats. I just got an email from Jim… Continue Reading “Beautiful Jaguarundi (Photo)”

White Catfish

Billy Faul caught this highly unusual white channel catfish while fishing in a tributary of the Neches River system called Pine Island Bayou. Most white catfish are albinos but this one has standard catfish-colored eyes. The fun of fishing is that you never know… Continue Reading “White Catfish”

Unicorns have always fascinated me. There is something about the idea of a beautiful horse with a horn that makes me ponder what type of creatures might have dwelled the Earth before the flood of Noah. Here’s a clip I did for God’s Outdoors… Continue Reading “”