Monster Hogs

Tales of gigantic, long-tusked boars prowling the woods of the American South have been told around the campfire for years. Now game camera and cell phone technology are showing many of these stories to be true. Just how big do wild hogs get?

We’re out to find out and on this page you will see the results of our research using media to search out photos from around the country (and world) and examples of our research endeavors in the wild.

We’re out to find MONSTER hogs and they just might be found to find us. Either way it’s going to be exciting!

If you have photos or videos of giant hogs, please email them to us

hog comparison
This illustration made to our specs by Charles Dunn shows how big a 400 pound hog is in comparison to the average adult black bear and grizzly. Many people would be shocked to know how many bear-sized boars are roaming the forests of the United States.



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