Kingdom Zoo Media


Kingdom Zoo is the result of award-winning wildlife author, conservationist and television host Chester Moore.

Using a multi-media platform including the God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore television broadcast, a 15-year running weekly radio program, social media and in-person appearances around the country, the goal is to reach children.

Chester Moore with a huge Texas coral snake.

“We want to reach kids through wildlife and for wildlife. When kids learn about the amazing habit of sharks or Bengal tigers they can see there is a big world out there and their dreams can come true. We hope to show them they can seek out their God-given purpose and perhaps help conserve our wildlife resources around the world,” Moore said.

ash wolf smallKingdom Zoo is seeking opportunities to film wildlife in the wild and in captivity around the country for its spring 2014 broadcast season which begins April 5 on GETV.

“We love working with people who have ambassador animals that we can highlight to raise awareness to those species issues in the wild and to inspire kids and kids at heart to take up a love for wildlife and wildlife conservation,” Moore said.

Having already filmed with everything from white lions to wolves in 2014 already, the Kingdom Zoo team is excited to see what encounter is around the corner.

Contact: Tracy Ellis/409-670-5659/

Quick TV Show Clips

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