Kingdom Zoo: Wildlife Center®

The Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center® is a micro zoo that houses 70 species of exotic animals from six continents. Our purpose is to bring the redeeming love of Christ to hurting children through wildlife encounters and to educate the public about wildlife conservation.

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We were honored as “Nonprofit of the Year” for 2016 by the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce for our work with children and wildlife.

The facility is the hub of our activities that includes the Wild Wishes® program, our Eden Outreach to various children’s facilities and public visitation for ministry and wildlife conservation education events.

Our center was founded in 2014 and we have grown from a handful of animals like our ferrets and hedgehogs.

This collection of animals has grown quickly through our contacts in the zoological world, rescue of animals and keeping a vision to have a broad range of wildlife to inspire children that might not have ever heard of a kinkajou, degu, lorikeet or a host of other animals that we are blessed to work with and care for on a daily basis.

And of course we have always had lots of reptiles like our sulcatta tortoises and snakes.

But now we have expanded to a variety of species from around the world from coatimundis to toucans and many creatures big and small.

The future for our ministry will include the acquisition of several acres to create the Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center® and Garden of Eden Sanctuary. This will be a one stop location for all of our programs including animal therapy for hurting children in a serene Eden-like setting. Therapy ponies and dogs do wonders for children.

We plan on doing it with dingos and zebras.

To help us reach these goals you can donate here.

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