Kingdom Zoo: Wildlife Center®

The Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center® is a micro zoo that houses dozens of exotic animals from all around the world. Our purpose is to bring the redeeming love of Christ to hurting children through wildlife encounters.

kingdom_zooedited The facility is the hub of our activities that includes the Wild Wishes® program and various outreaches to children’s facilities and interactions with families of children facing challenges. We are not open to the public. We are only open to hurting children and their families as well as facilities for these children. There is never an admission charge or price of any kind. And there never will be.

Our ministry was founded in 2012 and we broke ground on our first facility in 2014. We have grown tremendously since then from a handful of animals like our ferrets and hedgehogs.

This collection of animals has grown quickly through our contacts in the zoological world, rescue of animals and keeping a vision to have a broad range of wildlife to inspire children that might not have ever heard of a kinkajou, lorikeet or a host of other animals that we are blessed to work with and care for on a daily basis.

We have acquired property and are in process of building the Garden of Eden Sanctuary where we will do the bulk of our Wild Wishes® events and have a pristine, private setting to do encounters for children dealing with a variety of challenges.

To help us operate these life-changing programs make a tax-deductible donation here.

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