Maddie’s Ark

When Madison Belden came into our life she changed it forever.

Maddie has been bravely fighting cystic fibrosis for years and is the recipient of one of our Wild Wishes®.

26166722_523143481387996_1066113478329303579_nShe is an artist and has even received personal wildlife art lessons from award-winning wildlife conservation artist Calvin Carter.

She wanted to do something special for wildlife conservation so we created this page.


We will be auctioning off her wildlife art with the proceeds going to a crowdfunding campaign for her expenses through the link below which will be posted with each auction item.


In addition with each work of are we auction we will post information about that species and its habitat and how we can best be good stewards.

Maddie is an inspiration and we look forward to bringing her unique blend of artistic conservation to the forefront.

To contribute directly to Maddie’s Hospital Expenses Crowdfunding Campaign click here.


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