Mystery Cats

At Kingdom Zoo research on mystery cats around the world is ongoing both in the field and through our media outlets on television, Internet, radio and print. Our goal is to answer questions about these beautiful creatures and raise awareness to their existence and the importance of their conservation.

The Maltese Tiger

People frequently ask me if I could see any of the world’s mystery animals what it would be. The answer is the blue or “Maltese” tiger. There were allegedly blue tigers in Asia at least up until the Korean War according to numerous respectable sources. It is amazing that such a color morph can exist but one thing is for sure when God created DNA, He put in plenty of room to amaze. Follow this link to a very informative article written by Dr. Karl Shuker on blue tigers.

This is a Photoshop rendering of a standard orange tiger made to give a realistic glimpse of what a blue one would look like. You can see why seeing one of these creatures would be the wildlife discovery of a lifetime.

Think you have seen any of these cats? If so, we would like to hear from you.

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