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Wildlife Photo Month (Pic 5)

Kingdom Zoo kid James took this wonderful photo of a cardinal in his backyard. Our daughter Faith always calls them “red cardinals”-such a beautiful creature. We hope you enjoyed the photos our kids shot this month.

Wildlife Photo Month (Pic 4)

Kingdom Zoo kid Lauren captured this funny moment of a mantis on the head of a large common snapping turtle.  

Wildlife Photo Month (Pic 3)

We call this one “Bad Hair Day”. It’s a great shot of a very young opossum taken by Kingdom Zoo Kid Abby. This seventh grader has a great eye for photograph and shoots the photos at many of our events. Take time to invest…

Wildlife Photo Month (Pic 2)

Here’s round two in our celebration of wildlife photography. The Mandarin duck is the most beautiful duck on the planet in our opinion. This one was photographed by Kingdom Zoo kid Jaxon.

Wildlife Photo Month (Pic 1)

This month we will be celebrating our favorite Kingdom Zoo photos and the way photography can be used to raise awareness to wildlife conservation. This is the photo that started it all-a pair of red wolves that Chester Moore photographed at the Texas Zoo…

Monster Hog and a Mini

The feedback we’ve been getting on our MONSTER HOGS quest has been truly shocking! We knew hogs were popular but now we know MONSTER HOGS are even more popular. We thought it would be fun to share a photo of Chester with this young…

Pink Albino Dolphin (Video)

Here’s a look back at some of the most amazing footage we have ever captured-a pink albino dolphin. You won’t want to miss this.

Something attacked our trail camera (Video)

Something attacked our trail camera! Coon? Cat?

Jim Fowler on “Moore Outdoors” (Podcast)

Last Friday I had the most incredible honor of my journalism career. I interviewed Jim Fowler, co-host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, the groundbreaking program that inspired every other wildlife show since in one way or the other. Listen to the full show…

The King of All Snakes (Video)