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Jim Fowler on “Moore Outdoors” (Podcast)

Last Friday I had the most incredible honor of my journalism career. I interviewed Jim Fowler, co-host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, the groundbreaking program that inspired every other wildlife show since in one way or the other. Listen to the full show… Continue Reading “Jim Fowler on “Moore Outdoors” (Podcast)”

The King of All Snakes (Video)

Why are the Gulf’s tiger sharks eating backyard birds?

Ran across this cool story this morning and had to share it. Super cool! Tiger sharks are known for their voracious appetites, so researchers aren’t surprised when a big one eats something like a manatee or a sea lion. But woodpeckers, tanagers, yellow throats,… Continue Reading “Why are the Gulf’s tiger sharks eating backyard birds?”

Great white caught from Florida beach!

A Houston Chronicle story details a great white shark caught on Panama Beach, Fla. Ten years ago I wrote a story or Tide magazine fabout the presence of great whites in the Gulf and it was somewhat controversial. The latest research from OCEARCH and… Continue Reading “Great white caught from Florida beach!”

A sheep with four horns?

In the Bible we learn that Jacob gets a herd of sheep by divine intervention. Most Middle Eastern sources cite it is this sheep-the four horn-also known as “Jacob’s sheep”. These unique creatures have horns that come down the side and curl like a… Continue Reading “A sheep with four horns?”

Copperhead Strike (Video)

Venomous snakes have a bad reputation but the fact is most have no desire to strike. Check out this video of me testing out a copperhead while wearing snake proof boots.

Clandestine Rattlesnake Stocking?

One of the most persistent has been the stories of mysterious stockings of timber rattlesnake stockings in East Texas.  In fact I first revealed the truth about the story  in the Port Arthur News and Orange Leader newspapers back in 2006. The story goes something like this. In… Continue Reading “Clandestine Rattlesnake Stocking?”

Wild Wishes

It was a beautiful moment. A sweet, young girl who had recently lost her father, got the opportunity to pet and interact with her favorite animal-a zebra. A few months earlier at church, the Holy Spirit put it on my heart to ask her… Continue Reading “Wild Wishes”

Long-tailed Bobcat (video)

This video given to us by one of our Kingdom Zoo supporters shows a long-tailed bobcat in Orange County, TX. Most people don’t realize bobcats actually have a tail and some fairly long. How many bobcats with tails like this have been mistaken for… Continue Reading “Long-tailed Bobcat (video)”

Anyone seen the pink dolphin?

Attention Lake Calcasieu (Big Lake) area fishermen and outdoors lovers. We are looking for recent (last two weeks) sightings of “Pinky” the pink albino dolphin that has been in that ecosystem since around 2005. We have been able to photograph and video the mysterious… Continue Reading “Anyone seen the pink dolphin?”