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TX coral snake eats copperhead! (Video)

This is probably the coolest snake video I have seen in years. Coral snakes regularly eat earth snakes but this is a fairly large copperhead, at least in comparison to the coral snake in the clip and it shows anything can happen in nature.… Continue Reading “TX coral snake eats copperhead! (Video)”

What happened to this hog’s leg? (video)

We got this on a game camera we put out with our #kzkids. What happened to its leg? Any guesses

Snakes, shrews and sloths! (video)

Dreaming Big (and wild!)

Dreams. They are a flash of inspiration that fuels us to do great things, hope in trying times and a way God plants in us seeds of greatness. Unfortunately many from a young age are told their dreams will never come true. Think about… Continue Reading “Dreaming Big (and wild!)”

Merry Christmas!

Today as we celebrate the birth of the Messiah-Jesus of Nazareth-takes some time to thank Him for the wild things. The beauty in nature is a constant reminder of His glory and love. Whether it’s a wood duck or a Bengal tiger, the beauty… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!”

Help us held kids and wildlife

The Kingdom Zoo: Education Center, our ministry’s classroom, is open in West Orange, TX. Available by appointment (and announced days) only, it will be a unique vessel for teaching kids (and kids at heart) about Christ through His Creation. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to… Continue Reading “Help us held kids and wildlife”

Amazing snake!

Kingdom Zoo field researcher Todd Jurasek sent in some great photos of a black rat snake climbing a rock wall in his home state of Oklahoma. These snakes have an amazing God-given design that allows them to climb virtually any kind of surface including straight… Continue Reading “Amazing snake!”

Giant hogs-for real? (Pt. 2)

As noted in the highly detailed chapter on giant hogs in my book “Hog Wild” there were holes in the story of “Monster Pig” from the beginning. The scale used to weigh the animal goes in 10-pound increments so a weight of 1,051-pounds would… Continue Reading “Giant hogs-for real? (Pt. 2)”

Giant hogs-for real? (Pt. 1)

Hogzilla. That is the name bestowed upon a huge hog killed in 2004 by Chris Griffin on Ken Holyoak’s hunting preserve. As the story goes, the hog was 12 feet long and weighed 1,000 pounds. This sensational story circulated on the Internet and become… Continue Reading “Giant hogs-for real? (Pt. 1)”

The Search for “Little Foot”

Kingdom Zoo has partnered with Bear Creek Feline Center in Panama City, Fla. to take their “Search for Little Foot” to Texas. The “Little Foot” they are referring to is the jaguarundi, a smallish, mysterious cat known to dwell along the Texas-Mexico border but… Continue Reading “The Search for “Little Foot””