Wild Wishes ™

Wild Wishes ™ grants exotic animal encounters for children  who have lost a parent, sibling or have a terminal illness. We have been making kids wildlife encounter dreams come true for years, now we are doing it in a very special way through this program.

zebra hernandez zada
Our first wish was to meet a zebra.

In 1982 my grandmother Ruby Pickard founded My Wish Inc. to grant wishes to terminally ill children. I accompanied her when she granted that first wish when I was only eight-years-old.

The boy wanted an American flag for his home, a humble request and one that left a powerful mark on my spirit.

If you know of a child that loves animals and might quality for Wild Wishes ™, e-mail chester@kingdomzoo.com. To sponsor a wish go to wildwishes.org.

Chester Moore, Jr.

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