Wild Wishes®

Wild Wishes® grants wildlife encounters for children  who have lost a parent, sibling or have a critical illness.

zebra hernandez zada
Our first wish was to meet a zebra in January 2014. We have now granted more than 100 wishes to boys and girls in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado and Florida.

In 1982 my grandmother Ruby Pickard founded My Wish Inc. to grant wishes to terminally ill children. I accompanied her when she granted that first wish when I was only eight-years-old.

The boy wanted an American flag for his home, a humble request and one that left a powerful mark on my spirit. We now do Wild Wishes® for kids to help them in their healing process and know that good things can still come to their life. In other words to bring hope.

If you know of a child that loves animals and might qualify for Wild Wishes®, e-mail lisa@kingdomzoo.com.

Chester Moore, Jr.


Click below to see Wild Wishes® coming true.


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